EP016 – Brian Dillard – What’s Next For Innovation

Brian Dillard

Brian Dillard is the Chief Innovation Officer in San Antonio. He served in the Air Force for 10 years and currently works with the city of San Antonio to bring new and impactful solutions to the needs of the city and beyond! In this episode, Brian sits down with the Bexar Facts team to discuss a multitude of topics from reducing spending costs, to housing, to much more!

About Bexar Facts:

At Bexar Facts, we amplify the voice of the people to shape the future of our community. We gather and share fact based data on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the greater San Antonio area. With the Bexar Facts podcast we breathe life into our data. We aim to level the playing field by producing real conversations, with real people and bringing scientific data directly to your fingertips. Bexar Facts, your trusted local source for community data.

Show Notes:

0:35 – Intro
5:43 – Smart City Data Governance
6:47 – Digital Inclusion
12:55 – Assessing The Digital Divide
14:55 – Neighborhood Focus Groups/Using The Data
17:48 – SA Police Poll
19:25 – Bexar Facts Polling/Using The Data
20:57 – Proposition A
23:21 – Reducing Costs & Current Projects
26:00 – Ambassador Program
27:42 – Board Chairman for Essence Preparatory School
30:12 – What Drives Brian/Words of Wisdom
33:20 – What Has The Pandemic Taught Us
35:06 – Magic Wand
38:28 – Concluding Thoughts


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