EP014 – Annette Rodriguez – Children’s Shelter & Family Tapestry

April is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month.  On this week’s podcast, we invited Children’s Shelter CEO, Annette Rodriguez, to discuss the Bexar County Child Welfare System and the role Children’s Shelter and Family Tapestry’s plays in our local foster care system. Also joining us on the podcast is Executive Committee member, Marcie Trevino Ripper. Marcie is also the Chair of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board. 

In our prior 5 polls, child abuse and neglect continually ranked as a top concern for local residents.  And rightly so, Bexar County currently has a foster care crisis on its hands. We need 400 more beds to adequately meet the needs and future well-being of our most vulnerable members of our community.  

Children’s Shelter and Family Tapestry’s has been in the news recently due to this crisis.  Listen to the full podcast to learn more about our local child welfare system.


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Show Notes:

(00:35) Introductions 

(02:23) Latest Poll

(06:11) About the Children’s Shelter

(07:57) Trauma Induced Care

(11:07) Help for those children already in custody

(14:52) How many children are in the foster system

(18:31) What are the current needs

(22:05) Partners with Commission for Domestic Violence

(23:20) How to help/Family Tapestry

(26:33) Magic wand question

(29:31) How to contribute financially

(30:22) Closing thoughts




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