EP011 – Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence

EP011 - Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence

In the eleventh episode, the Bexar Facts team sits down with Co-Chairs of the Collaborative Commision on Domestic Violence, Judge Monique Diaz and San Antonio Deputy City Manager Maria Villagomez. In this episode we dive in to discuss the tragic topic of domestic violence and what the city is doing to provide resources for victims.


About The Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence:

The CCDV was created by Judge Sakai in conjunction with the City on July 31, 2019 to implement a public health strategy for addressing and preventing domestic violence as delineated in the City of San Antonio Domestic Violence Comprehensive Plan. In the inaugural year of the five-year plan, the CCDV has been working on achieving specific objectives, including but not limited to, establishing a Crisis Response Team, developing a framework for collecting data across agencies, launching an all-inclusive website for resources, and organizing a domestic violence awareness symposium. According to Dr. Bridger, “The City is committed to eradicating domestic violence in our community. In fact, with the assistance of the City Council, we are expanding the Violence Prevention Program, so we can better address the root causes of intimate partner and family violence.” (www.sanantonio.gov)


About Bexar Facts:

At Bexar Facts, we amplify the voice of the people to shape the future of our community. We gather and share fact-based data on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the greater San Antonio area. With the Bexar Facts podcast we breathe life into our data. We aim to level the playing field by producing real conversations, with real people and bringing scientific data directly to your fingertips. Bexar Facts, your trusted local source for community data.


Show Notes:

(00:56) Introductions 

(01:42) Bexar Facts Polls and Domestic Violence

(03:08) Domestic Violence

(05:31) Covid + Its Effects on Domestic Violence Cases

(07:32) The Process for Helping Victims

(14:31) Undocumented Imigrants + How They Can Get Help

(20:16) Difference Between Criminal and Civil Domestic Violence Cases

(24:00) Initiative Change and Evaluating How to Help

(30:00) How the Commission Came Together

(36:00) Prioritizing Mental Health

(43:32) Magic Wand Question

(45:03) Services Available for Perpetrators 




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