EP013 – The Honorable Henry Cisneros

In the thirteenth episode, the Bexar Facts team sits down with the Honorable Henry Cisneros to discuss everything from Bexar Facts’ latest poll, affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure, and so much more!

About Henry Cisneros:

Mr. Cisneros has served San Antonio in many ways over the years! From serving in City Council, to chairing and serving on non-profits to promote fair housing and development, to serving as Mayor, Henry has poured himself into making San Antonio a better place for all who call it home!

About Bexar Facts:

At Bexar Facts, we amplify the voice of the people to shape the future of our community. We gather and share fact-based data on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the greater San Antonio area. With the Bexar Facts podcast we breathe life into our data. We aim to level the playing field by producing real conversations, with real people and bringing scientific data directly to your fingertips. Bexar Facts, your trusted local source for community data.


Show Notes:

(00:36) Introductions 

(05:13) What Makes San Antonio Unique

(06:40) Bi-Partisan Nature of San Antonio

(10:02) Affordable Housing

(!4:07) Transportation + Infrastructure

(19:44) Infrastructure Blueprint

(25:01) Biden Administration + Connect SA

(32:14) How Voting Law Changes Affected Henry

(38:29) Managing Partisan Nature in Politics

(43:29) Magic Wand Question

(45:57) Mayor Re-Election Transcript (A Piece of History)

(48:26) Closing Thoughts



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