007: Paula Gold-Williams – CPS Energy

In the seventh episode, the Bexar Facts team sits down with Paula Gold-Williams to discuss her vision and plan for CPS Energy in San Antonio. From high energy demand and keeping rates low, to the environmental responsibility of energy companies, to the roll of energy in politics…  Christian Archer, Demonte Alexander, and Liza Barratachea discuss all this and more!


About Paula Gold-Williams:

Born & raised in San Antonio, Paula has been working with CPS Energy since 2004. Here she has worked her way up through the company and has donned the title of Chief Financial Officer as well as Treasurer. She was named the President & CEO in 2016. Since then she has worked tirelessly to better serve the community and all of its energy specific needs. She has been named Woman of the Year numerous times by the San Antonio Business Journal, as well as named Thought Leader of the Year by the Energy Thought Summit. She has also won the National Keystone Leadership Award.


About Bexar Facts:

At Bexar Facts, we amplify the voice of the people to shape the future of our community. We gather and share fact-based data on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the greater San Antonio area. With the Bexar Facts podcast we breathe life into our data. We aim to level the

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Show Notes:

(00:47) Introductions 

(01:26) Paula’s Awards

(02:17) CPS Team

(03:00) Initiatives Paula Brought to CPS

(05:05) Bexar Facts Energy Poll

(08:23) CPS on Covid

(10:08) CPS on Covid Responsed/Economic Trajectory

(15:00) Call to end Disconnecting Services

(17:00) Keeping rates low & renewable energy

(23:39) Environmental Politics

(28:07) CPS Rates Adjustment/Advisory Committee/Structure 

(40:22) Concluding Question



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