002: Nelson Wolff – Addressing COVID-19 in San Antonio & Fixing Our Politics

Nelson Wolff - Addressing COVID-19 in San Antonio & Fixing Our Politics

In this third episode, the Bexar Facts team discusses the issues shaping the greater San Antonio area with their guest, Honorable Nelson Wolff. Judge Wolff candidly shares his views on early voting, handling of the pandemic, and the top three ills plaguing San Antonio. He shares incredible insight into the effects and challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the jail system and how they have overcome the poor decisions of leaders. Judge Wolff is a wealth of insight and inspiration to the residents of San Antonio.

About Judge Nelson Wolff:

Judge Nelson William Wolff is a Democratic politician from San Antonio, Texas. He represented Bexar County in the Texas House of Representatives from 1971 to 1973 and then the Texas Senate from 1973 to 1975.

He has managed to transform healthcare, the criminal justice system, and is now taking on public health reform. He has also authored five books in his spare time.

Learn more about Judge Wolff at: judgenelsonwolff.com

About Bexar Facts:

At Bexar Facts, we amplify the voice of the people to shape the future of our community. We gather and share fact-based data on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the greater San Antonio area. With the Bexar Facts podcast we breathe life into our data. We aim to level the playing field by producing real conversations, with real people and bringing scientific data directly to your fingertips.

Bexar Facts, your trusted local source for community data.

Show notes:

(0:03) Introductions (special guest Honorable Nelson Wolff)

(4:12) Bibliotec success and impacts

(6:15) Thoughts on how we move our economy forward safely through the pandemic

(9:10) Addressing the crisis within the jail system

(12:10) Bexar county strong program

(15:32) Effects of COVID-19

(16:50) How do we fix our politics?

(22:25) The mission of Bexar Facts

(23:45) Three biggest ills of San Antonio

(26:25) Early and mail-in voting access

(29:15) Opinions on ballot initiatives

(35:03) What is next for Judge Nelson Wolff?

(37:00) Reaction to more women on the court

(40:00) Conclusion


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