Tapping into public opinion surrounding issues that are most important to the people who call Bexar County and San Antonio home.

Through quarterly nonpartisan polling, the Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report Poll will get a deeper understanding of issues that drive our community, enabling us to foster a more engaging conversation across the greater San Antonio area. KSAT, the Rivard Report and Bexar Blueprint are building a first-of-its-kind collaborative in San Antonio that will release nonpartisan polling results in tandem and initiate community discussions based on the trends gleaned from those results. Through this collaboration, we will create a mechanism of shared information that will build healthy discussions that inform and enhance policy decisions on the local level.

The way we see it, the staffs at KSAT and Rivard Report bring an array of expertise to the community. Each serves its own diverse audience. But together, working in concert through a multi-platform approach, both organizations can leverage their individual strengths to build a stronger information ecosystem.

Our shared goal is to inform our community, engage them in robust, meaningful conversations around the issues, trends and social findings that emerge from the polling conducted by FM3 Research.

Learn more about us at www.ksat.com

The Issues


Race Relations






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