Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report Poll: Homelessness tops crime as most serious problem in San Antonio, Bexar County

Lakeside neighborhood residents weigh in on poll

Deven Clarke, Crime and Justice Reporter

Robert Samarron, Photojournalist


SAN ANTONIO – Concerns from residents regarding crime in San Antonio and Bexar County may be easing, according to a new Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll released Tuesday.

The poll shows homelessness as the top issue that polled voters want local government to tackle.

In February, when the first Bexar Facts Poll was released, 19% of poll respondents listed crime as the most serious problem facing the great San Antonio area. Now, only 8% of poll respondents feel that way.

The poll includes opinions from all age groups, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses and political affiliations.

KSAT 12 on Tuesday visited with some residents in the Lakeside community, who shared their views about some of the issues addressed in the poll.

“We’ve got a very dynamic community. We’ve got research in this area, the bio research that we have in the area. We do have the military,” said Lakeside resident, Chris Dawkins.

“Crime, according to, you know, our safety officers and what we get at our meetings, is that crime is not a really big issue in Lakeside,” said Alicia Campbell, Lakeside Neighborhood Association president.

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The San Antonio Police Department’s crime tracker map shows that so far this year, there have been fewer reports of violent crimes, such as aggravated assault and homicide, in and around the Lakeside neighborhood when compared to other neighborhoods.

“The concern is the panhandling,” Campbell said.

Campbell is with the majority of polled voters across the county who are now most concerned with issues surrounding homelessness and indigence.

Views possibly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which also was high among polled voters’ concerns.

“A lot of people are losing their jobs. They’re losing their homes. They’re losing their apartments. And I know because one of my daughters is one of them. So, you know, I’m going to have to take her in,” Campbell said, referring to her daughter who recently lost her job as a waitress.

The Bexar Facts Poll also allowed participants to weigh in on a wide range of issues, such as the city and county’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To view the full survey, click here.

“The poll was conducted from April 16-20 by phone and internet. It includes responses from 668 registered Bexar County voters of different income and education levels, race, age, gender and political party affiliation. Four out of five respondents answered in English, while one out of five answered in Spanish. The poll’s margin of error is 4%.

Didn’t get called for the poll, but still want to have your voice heard? Take the poll, via Bexar Facts, here.”


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