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Episode 017:

A Year in Review

Episode 017:

A Year in Review

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Do you feel Homelessness is a serious problem

Do You Think Homelessness Is A Serious Problem?

Would you say that the pandemic has impacted your mental health a great deal, some, a little, or not at all

Would You Say That The Pandemic Has Impacted Your Mental Health?

What do you think is the most serious problem facing the greater San Antonio area that you would like to see local government do something about?

What Do You Think Is The Most Serious Problem Facing The Greater San Antonio Area?

On Air with KSAT 12

KSAT Q&A: Feb. 10: Bexar Facts

February 10, 2021 KSAT Q&A with Demonte Alexander and Liza Barratachea

May 10, 2020 Were you born and raised in the Greater San Antonio area?

Bexar Facts poll: Here’s what voters like, don’t like about San Antonio, its leaders and its policies

We Hear You

Bexar Facts: What can we do for our senior citizens?

Bexar Facts: What city improvements would you like to see?

Most voters in Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll concerned with closure of businesses amid COVID-19 pandemic.

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